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    Before participating in 10 Pieces, all participants (or legal guardians) will need to acknowledge the following terms of participation.

    The participants and/or legal guardian signed agree that:

    • you participate in the 10 Pieces initiative in a purely volunteer capacity;

    • you will take reasonable care and are solely responsible for your own safety; the Guide may provide safety suggestions for 10 Pieces;

    • you will wear sturdy enclosed footwear and gloves when participating in 10 Pieces;

    • you will avoid collecting hazardous items (e.g. syringes, sharps, chemicals, building materials, asbestos, animals, etc.);

    • in consideration of 10 Pieces allowing your volunteer participation in 10 Pieces, you hereby release 10 Pieces and its officers, Guides, employees, agents, contractors and sponsors from all actions, demands and claims arising out of or in connection with your participation in 10 Pieces;

    • in consideration of your participation in 10 Pieces, you agree to assign all of their rights, title and interests in any and all photographs, images, video, testimonials and audio recordings;

    • 10 Pieces will not be liable for any injuries, loss, expenses or costs sustained or incurred by the participant or any of its property or any acts or omissions, negligence or fault of any person participating in 10 Pieces.

    An important element of this initiative is the collection of participant feedback.